1. Ketakutan. Sebuah antalogi.

  2. We have to find our own way to make ourselves happy. Being with family makes me happy. Doing things i love makes me happy. I am a happy person.
    #salamjumaat #ootd

  3. Respect yourself enough eventhough others dont.

  4. Deep down i wanna be brave but apologizing is hard, i think. I wanna be strong and happy but forgetting seems impossible sometimes even though i’m good at pretending to be cool. At the end of everything i already reaching a breaking point while hoping things will get better afterwards because i know i am not alone.

  6. …some ending we’re not meant to be read and some beginning we’re not meant to be written

  7. I am not a perfect girl. But at the end of everything i like being unperfect.

  8. Reminder.

  9. Sometimes…

  10. #Bilakitasamasama